Brekky blasted by Curtin

Friday, April 8, 2016 11:14 am
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By Corey Sutton

Spud Mountain is known in legends. Passed down by our forefathers, many thought it was a myth. The only hot chip vending machine in WA could not possibly be eaten of its entire contents in a 3 hour Brekky show, could it? 

Kirste and Morro rewrote history forever on Thursday when they scaled Spud Mountain and ate the 40 serves with the help of the 98five family, but it is not this feat that has drawn the attention of the world, rather it’s the denial from doubters around the globe who failed to see how it could be done.

Curtin University jumped onto the historical event through the ever popular medium of Twitter, we hear is quite good.

curtin tweet

Along with Curtin, many other famous faces from around the world couldn’t help but throw their opinion into the ring (we can’t confirm, and we don’t want to deny for dramatic-sake, that we actually spoke to the following personalities).

Tony Galati was quoted saying “Spud Mountain has never been scaled before, I can’t see Kirste and Morro taking it on. All power to them though.”

Well-known US actress and self-confessed spud lover Angelina Jolie followed Mr. Galati’s comments, adding that “Spud Mountain is not to be messed with. Five years ago Brad and I were in Redcliffe looking to adopt another child. The locals showed us the sights, Spud Mountain was one of them. That mountain is unnatural.

The disbelief at the challenge didn’t stop with the Hollywood a-lister though. Associate Professor Deborah Kerr from Curtin University School of Public Health joined Kirste and Morro while they scaled Spud Mountain to explain the dangerous health consequences that Spud Mountain, 40 serves of chips, and rice bran oil can have on a person’s body.

It’s probably safe to say, she wasn’t super impressed with the feat.

Take a listen:


Spud Mountain, despite the detractors, was a success and will go down in history forever.

Maybe, maxing out a pancake machine is more Curtin Uni’s thing?


Tweet update:

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