Brekky in bed for Term 3 final show

Friday, September 23, 2016 11:41 am
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After winning Brekky’s final Daily Derby competition, Kirste’s reward was breakfast in bed, served to her by Morro at her home in Freo. 

And what a Brekky show Morro prepared for his dear co-host!


Morro enlisted his father-in-law Colin for surprise #1

‘Dad’ cooked up a storm of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and even ‘wilted spinach’ as well as pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup.

Brekky producer Corey could certainly vouch for the excellent quality of chef-ery.

Next, Kirste’s BFF Shannon who joins Brekky each Wednesday at 8.30am was surprise #2

Hairdresser Shan pampered Kirste with some hair curling.


While Morro left the biggest surprise to wrap up Term 3’s Brekky show.

The Voice Australia‘s Astrid Ripepi serenaded Kirste with an Alicia Keys cover of Prince’s How Come You Don’t Call Me for surprise #3

PODCAST: The Voice AU Astrid Ripepi singing How Come You Don’t Call Me


And the winner of the grand ‘$200 Biltong’ prize went to listener Sharon who recited the 10 Commandments of Biltong.

PODCAST: Brekky listener and Biltong winner Sharon recites the 10 Commandments of Biltong

It was a morning that Kirste will reminisce over for many more Brekky show mornings to come we’re sure. Especially since she was probably expecting something more along the lines of…


Brekky with Kirste and Morro will return on Monday 10 October from 6am


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