Brekky in bed for Kirste on Friday

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 7:50 am
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Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

As per the requirements of the Daily Derby, the winner will get brekky in bed served up by the loser. It almost seemed poetic that after Morro’s sneaky antics last term that he would have to serve Kirste when the results revealed she had won.

It came down to the last day of the season with Kirste sitting 7 points behind. The family obliged though and a whopping 11 points gave Kirste the win.


The very official looking score board

We are now days away from Friday’s brekky in bed, but Kirste has been canvassing the family to get some ideas on how Morro can pamper Kirste and make it the best brekky in bed ever.


Source: ilovefc

However, when she mentioned that perhaps Morro should get the vacuum out and do a little spring cleaning too, the family was divided!

Plenty were for it:

“Hey 98five, Morro should only be like a hotel person. Kirste is the customer, Morro is room service.”

– Alex

“Yes Morro, it includes all that and you might as well drop Kriste’s kids at school too”

– Gabriel

Many were opposed to it too:

“The price is breakfast not a Butler!”

– Lazio

“Maaaaatte, talk about milkin’ it. We’re trying to be great losers and Kirste’s pullin’ that one? Moz just push the bed into the kitchen and vuala: breakfast in bed. Make it yourself.”

– Karlito

Clearly Kirste and her Freo supporters were keen to milk this one for all its worth. Morro and his Eagles though weren’t fans.

If you have a suggestion for Kirste’s brekky in bed on Friday, you can send it in to the Postie’s Pouch.

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