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Steve Hall, Executive Director, of Adult/Teen Challenge joined Mike with another guest who shared their inspiring story. Ash Williams, Youth Alive Co-Director, shared her story of breaking free from the generational cycle of drugs and alcohol abuse and how the Lord turned her from orphan to daughter.

The generational cycle

For generations her family has been afflicted by abuse and addiction. Her mother gave birth to her when she was just a teenager. By the time Ash turned 3, her father had abandoned them. With no supportive parents she was left to raise Ash on her own. “My mum tried really hard to provide somewhat of a home life and family dynamic. But she didn’t have that herself. She could not get away from addiction and abuse.”

Ash is the oldest of five children, each sibling had a different father who left them. “We were exposed to all sorts of things. There were things we witnessed that no child should ever see.” At times they didn’t have electricity or food and their house was infested with cockroaches. “Growing up I had a lot of abandonment issues and shame occurring.

An encounter with God

Growing up she always heard about God but never believed a father who loved unconditionally could be real. When she was nineteen, Ash worked with a woman who was proud of her faith in God. “She was so inspiring her life was marked with favour and blessing. I remember thinking I would like to be like her.” She introduced Ash to the Lord and all the pain she had experienced suddenly disappeared.

“My entire life I grew up feeling like I was an orphan. Unloved, unwanted, abandoned, rejected abused and here I had an opportunity to be who God said that I was. That I was the beloved daughter, that I was chosen, that I had an inheritance, that I had authority and that I could be whole and made holy and righteous.”

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