Breaking the bias of aging

Monday, March 14, 2022 2:40 pm
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The world’s general perception of aging is a negative one.

If you ask most people whether they’re looking forward to getting old, the answer is generally a resounding “No!” But what if our mental perception of aging is making us age faster? Sally Hewitt, from Ageing Gratefully, joined Mike to discuss Cellular Aging. A normal and natural response to growing older.

“Aging unites us because it is a human condition that crosses all boundaries of cultural background, race and generations.”

Sally hosted a women’s conference on Saturday aimed at breaking down the bias of aging. “We considered some degenerative diseases that can occur with cellular degradation. It is important to remember the massive difference between aging and decay. We have a tendency to lump ageing and decay into the same basket when in fact ageing is a natural occurrence to growing older but decay is not.”

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