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It’s the first morning of 98five’s June Appeal! It’s Monday, it’s early but we are more than excited to be here because we’re breaking in the morning with a Matching Hour Pineapple Challenge!

What the flaming – galah is a ‘Matching Hour Pineapple Challenge’?

Every couple of hours we will run a matching hour this means that every donation made during that hour will be matched by one of our incredibly generous matching donors.

For each of these matching hours we will spin the wheel to decide what challenge will run during that hour. There is the granny smith challenge, the prawn challenge, a millennial challenge, but this was the Pineapple Challenge!

So, every $50 donation made was matched and a total of $4220 was donated! Thank you to everyone who donated a pineapple and kicked off our very first June Appeal morning.

Never heard of 98five’s June Appeal? Wondering what it’s all about?

Well, 98five is a non for profit, listener supported station which means we rely on roughly 55% of our funds to come from donations from individuals just like you! Nearly half of our annual fundraising income is generated in our June Appeal so you can understand how crucial it is that we get near our target of $492’000. This takes care of our operating expenses including funding our great team at 98five as well as paying the bills like electricity and our license and music royalty fees.

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