Food review: breakfast at Stable Hands, Fremantle

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 1:39 pm
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Inex Palit | 98five blogger

I was so intrigued by the many beautiful photos of Stable Hands Coffee on Instagram that I decided to visit the café very early in the morning.

The place was so beautiful and the choice of table, interior, background lounge music, spacious area, placement of shelves and beautiful matching colours throughout the room created a very harmonious feeling.

Stable Hands Fremantle1Stable Hands Fremantle2Stable Hands Fremantle3Stable Hands Fremantle4

We were seated on the first floor at one of the long tables that can fit six people. The benefit of coming early in the morning was that you can almost have the whole place to yourself.

I ordered the pork belly with pancakes served with yuzu caramel sauce, topped with compressed melon and hot ricotta while Andrew chose a safer dish, slow-cooked lamb with Davidson plum gel served with poached egg, lentil and spiced tomato. We also ordered the side dish of smouldering potato because we thought we needed more carbs in the morning.

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There were only six other people who shared the same space with us that morning. From where I sat I could see two people were pumping out dishes from the kitchen. My coffee came shortly after I put an order through and it was a good cup of soy flat white. The bean was provided by Code Black Coffee Roasters, my coffee was a bit nutty and sweet. I ordered another cup for take away and yes, the coffee was consistently good.

Stable Hands Fremantle8Stable Hands Fremantle9

What I really love about the Stable Hands is the fact that they tried to offer different type of breakfast at the restaurant while still selling their breakfast dish at a very reasonable price. My beautifully presented breakfast cost $22 while Andrew’s pulled lamb cost $24. For the delicious taste and the presentation, I’d expect them to charge more than that.

Stable Hands have also just started offering a dinner menu. I can’t wait to try it out and repeat the good experience I had at this place.

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