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Wednesday, December 14, 2016 2:33 pm
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Katie Whitsed | 98five blogger

We are all born for a few purposes. One of them is to fulfil a unique purpose, an individually designed assignment that no one else has the abilities or correct ratio of characteristics to achieve. The other, a universal purpose: to serve others.

We are relational beings; we are designed to, and desire to have relationships with the people around us, it’s in our nature. To serve others and to serve from a place of love is one of the largest sources of joy. It’s a fabulous and highly recommended investment.

This is my sister.


Her name is Jesse.

She is the definition of a heart that cares deeply, and loves truly.

Jesse had been growing her hair for three years for one reason. Three months ago she cut 19 inches of hair off, and donated it to help someone on their journey to feeling beautiful and strong, to a program that produces wigs for women battling cancer. For Jesse, among other things, this took patience, persistence and a whole lot of courage and I am beyond proud of her.

This is just one example of Jesse’s heart to serve. Jesse will without a doubt be the one to write the most detailed birthday card you have ever read in your life, she always puts thought into personal gifts, she would volunteer herself to babysit your child (or your cat), and she never gives up.

Telling a very tiny part of her story is a perfect illustration of how serving others not only bring personal satisfaction, fulfilment and you, but it creates a ripple, and no matter how small you think the ripple is, it will influence and impact those around you.

I read that because of Jesse’s actions, another beautiful soul, Courtney, embarked on the same journey.

And that’s how impact occurs.

Your actions influence someone else, and that someone else influences another. What you do does impact those around you. What may seem like a very small drop in the ocean, can turn into much, much more. The biggest of waves really does begin with the smallest ripple.

Whatever it is you can do…do it. Serving others is not about thinking up the biggest and best strategy, it’s about doing what you can, as often as you can, wherever you can, in all the ways that you can, and for all the people that you can. Service to others brings more joy than what any amount of personal achievement will provide.

Think about what you are currently doing to serve the people around you, in your family first and foremost, in your community, in your city, your country, and beyond.

I challenge you to raise the bar. Think of one extra thing you can be doing to contribute to someone else’s day, to their well-being, to a community, and actually do it. Be creative. Serving others can come in a variety of different ways. It might be with your time, your skills, your knowledge, your finances, your material possessions, your company and presence, anything!

You will never regret taking an opportunity to serve, but the thought of knowing you could help, and didn’t — that’s another story.

We all have the capacity to do something. Be somebody who acts on their capacity. Your joy bank will overflow.

Have a joy filled day.

And do something for somebody else. Just because.

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Katie believes in dreaming fearlessly and has a deep passion for seeing other people experience joy and stepping into living their best lives. Her love of writing and self-expression inspired her to create a blog as an avenue for sharing her journey in choosing joy. The kind of joy that makes you smile for no reason at all, the kind you don’t have words for — Joy unspeakable. | Follow Katie on Facebook | Instagram

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