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Last week, Perth native, Blake Rose, made page 2 of The West Australian after Taylor Swift added Rose’s second single, Lost, in her personal Apple Music playlist.

Once the story broke, Brekky wanted to get Blake Rose on the show to chat about his recent 7 million streams of his song, and even get him in to play it live on the show.

It was a moonshot, but after sending him a message on Instagram, Blake replied, and the rest they say, is history.

Blake joined Kirste and Morro on the show today and discussed everything from why he hasn’t tried to contact Taylor yet, to how he lost his front tooth in a spearfishing accident!

More importantly though, Blake serenaded the family with his haunting melodic voice, playing a beautiful acoustic version of Lost.

Just think about lying awake in bed whilst a gentle rain falls outside your window on a warm summers night, yearning deeply for the one you love so much. That is what this song sounds like.

Have a listen to Blake Rose’s Lost below

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