Blake Proud’s BBQ Grilled Prawns with Burnt Butter

7 December 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every Tuesday at 8 am Blake Proud joins us in the studio and blesses our tastebuds with his latest creations. For an extra special, end-of-year treat Blake invited us into his own backyard and showcased what he’ll be serving this Christmas. Blake delighted us with his plate up of Grilled WA Prawns with Burnt Butter, Grilled Octopus on Mashed Cauliflower, the best-ever burger (as titled by Dan and Leon) and Cinnamon Christmas Scrolls with Orange White Chocolate Glaze.

Blake Proud’s BBQ Grilled Prawns with Burnt Butter


  • As Many Prawns as you want
  • 125g of Butter
  • Herbs of your choice (I will use ¼ Cup Sage & ¼ Thyme)
  • Fresh Lime
  • 1 tsp Grapeseed Oil
  • 1 tsp Macadamia Oil


  1. Butterfly and devein your prawns but cutting the underside of the prawn from the tail right up to the tip of the prawn’s head, through the legs and all and open it right up, BUT leave the head and the icky bits intact as well as the shell and legs – all those bits add so much flavour.
  2. Once all your prawns are ready get your BBQ piping hot on the grill side. Coals will work best here for that next level flavour but if you have only gas that will still work. Drizzle a little bit of oil on your prawns – I like grapeseed oil as it has a high smoke point and works brilliantly on BBQs – and grill them flesh side down first. This won’t take long maybe 1-2 mins depending on the heat you manage to have. We want a bit of caramelisation on them and then flip to the shell side for a further 60 seconds or so.
  3. Once all the prawns are done set aside
  4. To make your burnt butter toss your macadamia oil in to a pan – I use macadamia oil because it also has a high smoke point but has a similar taste to butter – then toss in your butter and herbs. It will sizzle, pop crackle and foam up so stand back a little. Once your butter has completely foamed and bubbled up and then has stopped it is done and take off the heat immediately.

To serve place 2 or 3 prawns on a plate, drizzle with burnt butter and place some crunchy sage and thyme on top. A good squeeze of fresh lime and enjoy.

  • Note: This also goes really well with some charred cos lettuce over the grill for a fresh pallet cleansing crunch.