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By Mike Atkinson | Drive Producer

What’s the best prize you’ve won in a raffle? A meat tray? A ballpoint pen?

We’ll a lucky NSW man has hit the jackpot — bagging his own remote Pacific island resort in a raffle, after shelling out just $65 for the winning ticket.

The man, identified as Joshua, was one of tens of thousands of people from around the world who bought raffle tickets for an entire waterfront resort on the island of Kosrae, Micronesia, in the western Pacific.

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Doug and Sally Beitz, from the Gold Coast built the resort – Kosrae Nautilus – in 1994 after escaping the rat race, but offered it up because they now wished to be closer to family in Australia.

Mr Beitz said the family wanted to sell the property by raffle so someone who had always dreamed of an island paradise became the new owner, not just the person with the deepest pockets.

Joshua is now the owner of a 16-room air-conditioned hotel, a four-bedroom manager residence and two self-contained one-bedroom apartments on Kosrae Island.

Resort 3

He’ll have no trouble getting around the 111 square-kilometre island with the prize also including five rental cars, two 10-seater vans and a pick-up truck.
A scuba business and 80-seater restaurant are also part of the deal, as well as nearly $5,400 of stock and more than $9,000 in a business bank account

Not bad for a punt on a raffle!

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