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If you subscribe to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), you may have stumbled across an interesting read titled We Can’t Recall Logos We See Every Day.

In this article a class of 100 students were asked if they could accurately draw the Apple logo. The majority of the group regularly used at least one Apple device and were confident they could complete the task successfully. However, this was not the case. Only seven students managed to draw the Apple logo with fewer than 4 mistakes and only one student drew it with no significant errors.

While reading this article at one of my favourite cafe’s here in Perth (The Crooked Spire), I put this research to the test and asked the café staff to have a shot at drawing this iconic logo. Like the students in the article,all were confident they would be able to execute the task to perfection.

Harvard Business Review We can't recall Logo's we see everyday

The sketches above show their attempts. They’re not too bad, but I wouldn’t say any of them managed a perfect recreation.

HBR used their observations to comment on our lack of visual memory, but I want to use it to highlight why the best logos don’t need to be remembered.

When we think about branding (or rebranding) our business, we often think about our logo in terms of shape, colour, size, lines and font. But should we? If 99 percent of people can’t remember these details about the Apple logo, will they remember it about ours? Probably not.

Does that mean we should ignore those details? Not at all, but it does mean that each of those details in isolation is not what will make your brand memorable.

When designing your logo, It’s not the angle of the lines or the size of the shapes which will define your brand, but rather the connotations and messages that your logo conveys.

Your logo will add real value to your business if it can intuitively articulate the key benefits of your business, and the points of difference that you offer to the marketplace.

This is what we focus on every time we create a logo for one of our marvellous clients.

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