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If you don’t know Mel from The Drive Show, here’s one quick fact: she LOVES animals. She loves animals so much so wants to share them with the family. So once a week she shares one of her favourite animal videos.

One day Orlanda man, Kevin was travelling on a plane. Sitting next to him was his companion dog Belle the Beagle. While on his flight, Kevin got chatting to another passenger and told his story of his life long battle with diabetes. This passenger suggested that Belle should be trained as a medical assistance dog. After doing some research about a non for profit that trains dogs to alert diabetics to oncoming siezures, Kevin decided to embark on the long and expensive journey of training Belle.

Belle was taught to read Kevin’s ketone levels by licking his nostrils to smell his breath. Dog’s sense of smell can be anywhere from 600 – 1000x more sensitive than humans. So Belle can detect irregular blood sugar levels. She will regularly lick Kevin’s nose, and if something is not right she will paw and whine at him. Warning him to adjust his levels to avoid a seizure. Then Kevin grabs his metre and tests himself.

“She’s never been wrong” he says.

Once Kevin mistakenly thought Belle just needed to go outside when she was pawing at him. He didn’t check his blood sugar and minutes later slipped into a diabetic seizure.

But Belle had been trained for that situation.

She found Kevin’s phone and bit down on the number 9, which straight away calls 911.

Belle the beagle isn’t just Kevin’s best friend, she’s his lifesaver.

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