Become a Christmas connector this festive season

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 11:00 am
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Allan Tranter – Creating Communities

This term we’ve been talking about places of connection in our community.

A lady from our church said that one mum had brought 20% of their play group along over the year by asking mums at the school gate, if they had little kids with them, if they’d like to come to her playgroup. Amazing and simple to do!

Today, what opportunity does Christmas give to connect?

I know that there are people listening today who are quite lonely and feel isolated. That is a very tough place to be. There are also people who are surrounded all the time with people. We all have our own circumstance, so here is the big challenge:

No matter your circumstance. Stop, pause, and think, who is it that I used to be connected to and would love to reconnect with them?

A friend, a cousin, brother or sister, mum, dad, son daughter, work colleague.

Sometimes we just lose contact with people over time. Sometimes we’ve said or done something or they have and there has been a split, usually with pain attached.

Today, before Christmas, ring, text, email, write or send a card – and simply say:

“I miss you and am sad that we’ve drifted apart”. If you need to say, “sorry that I helped cause it,” or, “sorry it was my fault,” then do it.

See what happens, you’ve done your bit!

Or is there is a neighbour by themselves? Wish them a happy Christmas, give them a pudding or something, invite them for a cuppa. You’ve done your bit!

Smile and say, “happy Christmas” to the person in the shop, or at the bus stop, or who you walk passed every day. You’ve done your bit!

Be the Christmas connector this year, if not for you, for the other person.Do your bit to make this year a connected Christmas.

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