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Last year Bec and Jeziel were crowned world record holders!

For the throwing and catching the most amount of dice while blindfolded. The record was previously held by David and Johnathan from Idaho, who caught 215 dice. They broke this record by throwing and catching 283 dice! But when Bec decided to check on their record she was devastated to see the word ‘broken’. “It’s gone its no longer ours. We are no longer world record holders.” They are extremely upset because they spent so much time and effort to earn their record. The certificate hanging above their desk now reminds them of their robbed achievement.  “I’m lost for words at this point because it’s just ripping apart my heart. “Their record was taken back by David and Johnathan who caught 327 dice. “They’ve got 200 records and we only had one and they stole it back!”

Should they attempt to do it again and get it back or try to get a new one? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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