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Have you ever looked through the book of world records and wondered if you could ever break a Guinness World Record?

The Guinness book of world records has been published each year for 66 years and 40 000 records have been broken. This week on The Drive Show, Bec shared how two men from Idaho have broken 150 Guinness world records! Can you believe it? They teamed up to break as many records as they could to promote STEM dducation. One of which was catching and throwing the most dice while blindfolded.

One person was the thrower and the other was the blindfolded catcher. They stood 2 metres apart then had to throw and catch as many dice as they could in 30 seconds. They managed to break the previous record of 17 by catching 215 dice!

Bec’s dream is to beat this record by catching 216 dice. They’ve decided Bec will be the thrower and Jeziel will be the catcher. Bec seems pretty confident they can break the record “I reckon we could do it.” However Jeziel isn’t so sure they can beat the other guys “There is a reason they hold the world record.”

What do you think? Will they be able to achieve this and make it into the book? Let us know what you think by texting or messaging us on socials. Remember to tune in to the Drive Show to stay up to date on Bec & Jeziel’s Guinness World Record Attempt, have a listen to the Drive Duo discuss the attempt below:

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