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Bec and Jeziel disclosed their love/hate relationship with their phones on Tuesday…both sharing how much screen time they clocked up on the first day of lock down.

Jeziel (who admitted he’d be happy to live in a cave) was horrified to learn he had used his phone for 3 hours and 42 minutes on Monday. “That’s almost four hours of my life that was on a phone yesterday!”


Bec: “Jeziel your stat is lower than my average…I’m a bit embarrassed now” before admitting (and leaving Jeziel gobsmacked) “I  spent 6 hours and 31 minutes…but that’s twice my daily average”.

Despite Bec’s claim her usage was mostly work related Jeziel still jokingly declared “our ancestors would be shocked and mortified.”

Jeziel put it to the family to check their phone usage and share their results. It was a mixed bag with Julian clocking up just 55 minutes while tipping the other end of the scale was Alice with 9 hours!

Jeziel also cheekily disclosed his wife’s phone usage was 8 hours and 43 minutes! In shock, Bec asked, “What did you say to her, did you confront her on this?” Jeziel: “My silence is enough and I walked out of the room.”

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