Bec and Jeziel got their world record back!

4 November 2022

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Bec and Jeziel got their world record back!

Last year Bec and Jeziel were crowned world record holders. For throwing and catching the most amount of dice while blindfolded. But earlier this year, Bec decided to check on their record and was devastated to see that it had been broken. “It’s gone. It is no longer ours. We are no longer world record holders.” They were extremely upset because they spent so much time and effort to earn their record. The certificate hanging above their desk reminded them of their robbed achievement.

Their record was broken by the previous holders, David Rush and Jonathan Hannon. “We feel bad and we understand that there is not enough vegemite in your country to fill the cracks of your hearts right now….Nevertheless, we are thrilled to have this record back.” So they brought out their tiny dice and reattempted to break the record for a second time and they did it!

Listen to the full chat below to hear Thommo from Channel Nine tell them the great news!