Basil Zempilas’s Hope for the City of Perth

Thursday, November 18, 2021 9:07 am
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Basil Zempilas joined us for Radiothon! Basil Zempilas

Not only is he the Lord Mayor of Perth, he is an announcer on Triple M and a news presenter on Channel 7! “People always say how do you fit it all in? I love every single bit of what I do. But advocating for the city of Perth…feels like a role I was born to do.”

Basil has seen the city evolve and change over the years but he hopes is to see the population grow. “We’re at around the 30 000 mark. We need to get that up to 90 000 in the next 20 years or so.’ He is also looking forward to exciting events like the Christmas lights. “Its everything you’d want in a city event.”

“You know the great work Sonshine does keeping you company. The times you’ve turned to Sonshine – this is your opportunity to say. ‘Sonshine has been there for me, I’d like to be there for Sonshine.'”

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