Badly Timed Baby Messes

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 9:15 am
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Malachi pooped on Jeziel!

Jeziel was at his sister-in-law’s graduation, dressed in his best. He was holding Malachi, but when they were about to take a photo he noticed a brown stain on his shirt. “I had a big brown stain on my shirt…It’s the first time it came out the side of his nappy!” So he wanted to know, have you had badly timed baby messes?

Kelly’s baby made a huge mess at the supermarket. It was all over the floor and the trolley. “The checkout girl was like what is that?  I was like you really don’t want to know. I work at that supermarket so they’ve never let me forget it!” 

Theresa changed her baby’s nappy but could still smell poop. She had no idea where the smell was coming from. “I realised I had really long nails and it was under my nails. It was revolting, I was so paranoid I had eaten it!” 

Richard was flying from New Zealand to Perth with his 14-month-old baby. His son was running down the aisle and a man picked him up for a cuddle. “The guy had a big poop stain down the front of his shirt…I went back to the front of the plane and hid.”

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