Back to school: Helping your kids with homework

Monday, February 1, 2016 2:20 pm
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Day one of school has gone without a hitch (mostly) and it won’t be too long until your kids are inundated with homework.

In quite an alarming study – conducted by YourTutor – has found that 88% of Aussie parents aren’t able to help their kids with homework because it’s too hard or they are not clued up on the subject matter.

Jack Goodman, an education expert from YourTutor, said the reason parents struggle in aiding their kids is because it’s been many years since they were in the classroom.

Homework 4

Waaaaaahhhhh! Homework can hurt your head.

“We were all in (primary and) high school a long time ago. For most of us, high school was at least 20, 25, sometimes 30 years ago,” Mr Goodman said.

“The way kids are learning these days with so much technology is really transforming education for them, and those 2 factors alone mean it’s well nigh (sic) impossible for parents to really get heavily involved in the specifics of what kids are learning.”

Podcast: Jack Goodman with Christine on Drive

Parents need not worry. YourTutor has a couple of tips on how to help your children get through their homework backlog.

Try to avoid stressful and argumentative situations

If you can keep things under control that goes a long way to keeping the learning juices bubbling as opposed to frustrations happening.

Use technology to your benefit

Kids are going to be using technology a lot. Parents can help by guiding their children to the correct websites with the right academic sources. Wikipedia is a great starting point for finding out information but because of it’s openness to editing some information can be incorrect.

Distraction is another big issue with the internet so keep your child focused and away from the online games.

The scary subject

Which subject do parents struggle with the most? The results aren’t surprising.

“It’s not a surprise that mathematics is top of the list. I’ve got kids and I can tell you for sure it’s brutal. From algebra, geometry, trigonometry – I’m probably sending chills down the spine of listeners right now.”

You certainly are, Jack.

by Mike Atkinson

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