Baby Andersen Update: We have photos!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 2:19 pm
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You may have noticed Jeziel hasn’t been in the studio for a few days and that’s because something very exciting happened to his family – his family grew!

Jeziel has officially become a dad after the arrival of his baby boy last week! Early last week he notified the 98five team that “things had started” and he wouldn’t be coming into the office. We all held our breath and eagerly awaited an update. On Monday afternoon Jeziel called Bec on The Drive Show to share officially share the news! He said he’s “stoked to be a dad, stoked to be spending so much time with him.”

Malachi Ezra Andersen was born on Wednesday at 10:52, weighing 3.7kg. “We absolutely adore him and can’t wait to share him with the world.”

He is loving being a dad but not enjoying changing nappies. “You’ve got to do like 6 a day! It’s like ‘mate, just stop’.” Jeziel let us know that everyone is doing well. Baby Malachi is healthy, Kim is healthy and recovering, he himself is getting a bit more sleep than he was in the first days – so all around, the young Andersen Family is thriving.

And here is what you’ve really been waiting for, The Andersen’s have shared some photos with us, and given us permission to share them with you, the whole 98five Family! So without further ado, we’re delighted to introduce you to Malachi Ezra Andersen.

Isn’t he unbelievably handsome!?


We’re so thankful that Kim and Jeziel have shared this beautiful time of their lives with us.

The new parents greatly appreciate it if you kept them in your prayers as they take on this new, life-changing adventure! As any parents know, they’ll need all the support, love and prayer they can get! You can send your congratulations to Jeziel by texting or messaging us on socials.

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