When do your kids get in bed with you?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 10:02 am
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Shannon chats to The Breakfast Show about having kids in the bed, and The Family call up and give their stories.


Something happened on Saturday night and I wasn’t sure if I should talk about it. But Nashy (Shannon’s youngest) was unwell. Shannon got home at 9 pm and was still up moaning and groaning on the couch. He wanted his mum to watch tv with him and give him some cuddles. But 9 pm is bed and book time, so Shannon took him into bed with her. Now, this goes against Shannon’s very core, but Nash stayed there the whole night!

Shannon and her hubby have always strongly been against babes in bed, so this has never happened before! When she asked her hubby the next day why he didn’t take Nash back to bed he said he couldn’t be bothered.

So that got Shannon wondering, “I wonder who’s got their babes in bed with them at the moment…”

Morro backed Shannon up, babes in bed have always been a no-no in the Morrison household. Moz is such a light sleeper and (he’s told us many times) he runs really hot through the night. So when his kiddies were unwell and needed to sleep in his room, he’d make up a little bed on the floor with a Pooh Bear couch.

Do you still have one of your babies in bed with you? How long have they been there?

One of our good friends Janine the Trucky called to share her story with her new bub. When she was 6 weeks post Partum, her hubby promised one of his friends that Janine would help him out and drive a truck for a week. So she took her 6 week old baby with her and they slept in the little truck bunk together!

Jo called up to tell us that it’s the lightning storms that get his kids. “The other night it looked like the lightning cracked right outside our house, that shook us to the core and sent my kids running to my bed.” Morro assumed he had young kids. But Jo replied “oh nah, 14 and 15!”



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