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Dr Innis Cloete, owner of Kingsway Vet Centre, joined Bec and Jeziel to answer your pet-related questions. He told us how pets grieve, the relationship between cats and dogs and Australia’s new cat curfew.

Australia’s new law will ban cats from going outside, to prevent them from killing billions of native animals. Research has found that each feral cat slaughters up to 740 local wildlife each year. The new rule is still to be signed off by the WA state parliament. But if passed cats will be banned from roads, verges and footpaths unless they are on a lead.

Canberra already plans to make all new cats indoors-only from mid this year. While Victoria citizens in Bendigo are already forbidden from letting their cats off their property.

“You can train a cat to live inside but you have to provide regular activities. Cats generally don’t do well on leashes unless they have been trained.”

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