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The Federal Opposition has announced plans to employ 60 First Nations Educators. Who will teach their language and culture across Australian primary schools.

Brooke Cuthbertson, is the WA-based co-chair of the Know Your Country campaign and she joined Bec and Jeziel to chat about the plans. The Know Your Country campaign is a call to action to employ First Nation cultural educators in every primary school across the nation. “Having First Nations people to share their history culture and stories. It will be like a full time capacity or part time capacity meeting the needs of each school.” They are asking all parliaments to commit proper funding before their next election to fund educators in those environments.

Know Your Country

Education about Indigenous culture and history has taken a big step forward since she was in school. “When I was in school I learnt that Australia was a new country, discovered by Captain Cook. My teachers were still referring to Uluru as Ayers Rock.”  Now children and families are more interested in learning about the true culture and history. “I believe that is moving in a great rate and teachers are passionate about those aspects as well. They are really driving that positive change.”

You can sign up to the Know Your Country campaign.  Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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