Australia is Experiencing a ‘Man-Drought’

11 February 2022

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Grant Dusting from McCrindle (Or as they like to call him Stat Man) will be joining Kirste and Dan for 2022 to inform us on a whole lot of interesting stats and research.

McCrindle aims to understand how people and society are changing. They conduct lots of research on social trends, population and advise organisations and business on how to adapt. This morning they discussed the ratio of men and women in Australia.

In Australia there 221 000 more women than men

This can be explained by life expectancy, as women tend to live longer than men. “Some of these ladies will be grandmas who had a husband who passed away.” But this statistic starts from the mid-30s. “So it is not explained through life expectancy alone.” According to the statistics if you are bachelor looking for love, there are more women in Busselton, Mosman Park, Innaloo and Melville. If you are a bachelorette there are more men in Perth City, Canningvale and Wandi.

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