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Mike and Corey chat to the Town of Bassendean’s Australia Day Ambassador Julian Pace on The Summer Brekky Show.


Julian Pace from Happiness Co is this years Town of Bassendean Australia Day ambassador. Now, this sounds like a very serious role. But Julian says he’s mostly just been out chatting to people this week. His role is to spread the word about what it means to be Australian and the importance of the stories that make up Australia Day. Julian sees his role as an educator, he wants people to know this day “isn’t just about cracking beers in the pool and getting drunk, it’s one day to really stop and think about who we are.”

Mike and Corey with Happiness Co, Julian Pace

This year the Australia Day theme is “our story, your story”. Which means every single person in Australia, regardless of backgrounds, has a story – and we should celebrate that!

Julian says we can best do this when we break it down into three steps: reflect, respect, celebrate.

Reflect on who you are as an Australian and the Australian you want to be.

Respect the elders, our ancestors, our families and those who came before you.

Then find a way to celebrate it, in whatever way you want to.

“The biggest thing I’ve been reflecting on in the lead up to Australia Day is the heartbreak of the bushfires. To me, what it means to be Australian is, regardless of our pain, heartbreak and suffering, we always seem to be able to come together with love. To me that’s the Australian spirit; regardless of our challenges, in moments of need, we always find a way to stand together. “

Julian’s one wish over the holiday weekend is that every Aussie stops for a minute to recognise all the things we have to be grateful for.

Join Julian this Sunday afternoon at the Town of Bassendean Australia Day Celebrations and Fireworks – we’ll be there too! Come find the 98five broadcast marquee (we’re right near the stage) for free Brownes Chills and temporary tattoos!


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