Aussie woman brings her own avocado to cafes to save money

23 August 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all know that the cost of living has gone up and most of us are feeling the pinch. Usually, when we reevaluate our budgets one of the first things to cut down on or forgo, is eating out. Dining out, especially when you have a family, can seriously rack up! But Aussie social media influencer Milly Rose Bannister has found a way to shave off some spending; without completely saying goodbye to her social life.

Posting to her Tiktok, Milly Rose Bannister shared a “hack”. In the Tiktok, Milly orders scrambled eggs on toast at a cafe. When it arrives, she grabs an avocado out of her shopping bag, slices it up and adds it to the cafe-served meal.

Milly says this can save her up to $6, which is the price some cafes (in Sydney where she lives) charge for an add-on avocado.

Tiktok: @EmilyRoseBannister

Some Tiktok users commented that “if she can’t afford it, she shouldn’t go at all” which Bec didn’t agree with. “They’re still getting business rather than nothing at all.” This is the same argument Milly defended herself with, commenting “I think it’s better to spend $14 at a cafe than to spend $0 – and I hate sitting at home and cooking my own eggs,” on her own video.

“Would I do it? No. Do I have a problem with it? No. Am I a cheapskate? Yes,” says Bec.

At first, Jeziel admitted he said he didn’t agree with Milly’s actions, but then he remember when he was younger and frequented the bakery often, he’d leave a bottle of tomato sauce in his car because he didn’t want to pay extra for the tubs they sold. “But where do you draw the line? What if I brought my own bacon and eggs?” he asked.

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