Aussie man draws Millennium Falcon with his GPS

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 11:33 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and digital content creator

Now I know Star Wars day was several days ago but a keen cyclist from Canberra belatedly celebrated May 4th by ‘drawing’ the millennium falcon on Strava via GPS.

Cyclist Andrew Collins was inspired to draw the iconic spacecraft after someone from Perth drew a goat using the same app.

“I saw the goat that someone had drawn on Strava in Perth a couple of months ago and thought ‘something needs to be done in Canberra,” Mr Collins said.

“So with a bit of creative stop-starting, I mapped out the Millennium Falcon.”

The route measures 17.4 kilometres and took 40 minutes to complete. He said the ride required a bit of “off-roading” up dirt paths to get those lines right.

Whilst the impracticality of the route might not help commuters we certainly give Andrew a 10/10 for commitment.

It’s a well known fact that cyclists love coffee so maybe Mr Collins would like a coffee straight from the insides of R2D2? Now there’s an offer we can’t refuse.



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