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Friday, January 22, 2016 3:47 pm
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In the spirit of the ‘How to Speak Australian: Abbreviate Everything’ video doing the rounds again, and Aussie Day next week, we’ve penned an Aussie letter to you all below:


G’day sheilas and blokes,

There’s been a lot of news today about Straya workers planning sickies on Mondee.

Whether you’re a postie, cabbie, firey, copper, brickie, tradie, garbo, an ambo or work at a servo, bowlo, Vinnies or the Salvos, defo go if you haven’t had a convo with ya boss – it’ll make ’em agro.

C’mon, you’ve got Tuesdee off and you can celebrate with a bevvy then.

Or maybe a choccy biccy and cuppa is more your thing?

Tune in to niney-eigh’ five from six to six on Aussie Day to hear our ‘all Aussie muso’ tracks.

If you’re out and about, remember to slip, slop, slap and chuck on some sunnies cause it’s looking like a scorcha and you’ll be devo if you turn lobster.

You defo won’t need ya brollie but maybe some mozzie spray.

S’arvo, Christine signs off until Aussie Day at Basso – join the fam to play some cricket or kick around the footy.

Gotta go, deciding between spag bol and a toastie for din-dins, perfect for a Fridee night in ya trackie dacks.

Catch ya!


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