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By Mike Atkinson | Drive Producer and Public Relations Officer

Our kids can’t catch, sprint or kick and are among the least active in the world, according to a new report published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Australia ranked 21 out of 38 countries for meeting the one hour a day activity requirements.  New Zealand, Slovenia, Mexico Brazil and Botswana’s exercise hours were all superior to our own.

While our official grade of D- was nothing to write home about, China, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Scotland all failed to meet the miniumum grading requirements for exercise.

Much of the blame has been laid on excessive screen time. The report states that only around one in four kids aged 5-17 limit their screen time to less than two hours a day, it gets worse as they get older with just 14 per cent of 12-17 year olds meeting the guidelines.

A little girl dribbles the soccer ball around two boys on the grass field - the children are running in this action shot.

Phot Credit: SheKnows

Only one in four toddlers spend less than an hour a day on screens.

Clive Neeson, Director of outdoors adventure movie Last Paradise said the availability of smartphones and tablets in kids homes has sucked them in to relying on screens for entertainment.

“It’s so captivating, it’s so available. It’s the same as us when we first experienced colour television,” said Mr Neeson.

“I think the outside has become a scary place for people now because the media is always portraying incidents in the outdoors. I don’t think it’s so easy for kids to actually get out there.”

“The screens have become more and more attractive.”

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