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Steve McAlpine from Third Space shared an insightful Tweet with us that he came across this week. Sam Allberry, a pastor from the UK shared a quote that read:

“If Jesus can veil His glory and become a servant for us, then it’s a privilege to veil our noses and mouths in order to serve others.”

Sam Allberry Tweet

This quote got Steve thinking about how he would respond if he was in Melbourne and ordered to wear a mask.

“Look, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to wear a mask to Bunnings if I was living in Victoria, but I would, for the sake of other people.”

We give up our rights, in the same way that Jesus gave up his, to serve other people. If Jesus thought it was a privilege to do that then it’s a privilege for us to do the same. As Christians, we have to think about it like that. Jesus hid his glory, veiled it for our sake so that he could walk among us and serve us.

So as Christians, how can we argue against wearing a mask? Have a listen to the chat The Breakfast Show had with Steve below.


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