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Tycoons of the biscuit trade, Arnott’s have made a special announcement this week. They’re combining you’re two favourite kinds of treats.

Biscuits + chocolate bars = the all-new biscuit chocolate bar range.

arnott's biscuit chocolate bar range

Arnott’s are taking family favourites like VoVo, Scotch Fingers, Wagon Wheels, Ginger Nut and even Jatz and embedding them into a milk chocolate bar.

Unlike some snack and confectionary combinations we’ve seen recently in the supermarkets, like the Kettle chips and Cadbury chocolate fusion, Arnott’s are not partnering with anyone else and have developed their own chocolate.

We’ve selected a range of flavours that we know Aussies are sure to love. We are sure there will be plenty of debate about favourite flavours – especially with those Ginger Nut lovers out there. Pauline Mercer, Arnott’s marketing manager.

But I can’t decide whether the feeling in my stomach, when I look at these new bars, is confused and nauseating or excited and hungry. What do you think Family, will you give these a go? Which flavour will you try first?

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