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“I went to a burger place recently, I had a great burger, I had great chips but I found something in my drink.”

It wasn’t a fly, it wasn’t a hair, it was a paper straw than Dan found in his drink. Now before we share why this made Dan upset we want to clarify that he’s not pro-plastic straws. He’s just very anti paper straws.

“I’m not for any straws but I’m vehemently against paper straws. They always disintegrate, plus we’re chopping down trees for them anyway.”

Are you pro or anti paper straws ?

And we can tell you, Dan isn’t the only person in Perth that feels this way!

I’m with you Dan! Once I was enjoying a lovely iced coffee with lots of ice cream! And before I could finish my paper straw broke.. ?? a listener texted in and BAN PAPER STRAWS was texted in by someone else.

It seems like Dan is onto a hot button issue, so share your opinion with us. Do you like to use a paper straw? Is there a better solution? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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