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By Mike Atkinson

The short answer is yes. A recent study by YourTutor found that up to 84% of students across the country who turn to Google and their parents for homework help are risking poor learning outcomes.

As reported by 98five in January, parents are simply behind the times when it comes to helping their kids out, as methods have moved on drastically in the past 20 years.

Nationally, one in three students struggle with homework at least once a week.

The survey found that the top two resources students turned to for help with homework were the Internet (44%) and parents (40%), both of which are frequently unreliable.

google laptop

Google can’t replace a classroom teacher (yet) despite it’s over reliance by students.

As homework questions are often specific to the classroom, it’s no surprise that 93% of high school student queries arose when they got stuck on a specific question, not when they are simply researching a topic.

Podcast: Jack Goodman with Christine on Drive

YourTutor founder Jack Goodman – who has more than 20 years of experience in education – joined Christine on drive to discuss the different ways parents and kids can tackle homework.

Develop your own “truth-o-meter” when it comes to assessing web sites

The Internet can be confusing for parents and students alike. It’s easy to talk about ‘credible sources’, but how do you check accuracy, reliability, and appropriateness? And what happens when a student’s question can’t be directly answered or explained by a generic website? Talk to the school and other education authorities about what websites they recommend students use for study, or invest in textbooks that provide detailed explanations to the questions asked.

Meet with teachers to check what methods they’re using in class

The biggest hurdle parents face when trying to assist children with homework is how much teaching has changed since they were at school. In many cases, teachers may advise how best to support children without causing confusion, frustration, or stress.

Ensure your children have access to a trusted online education service

Far more often than not, when students need study assistance, they’re looking for help with a specific question that has them stumped. Trusted services are designed to help students solve problems, answer questions, and gain understanding of critical concepts.


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