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Every day The Breakfast Show serves up a piping hot dish of extra news. The stories you may have missed but will definitely want to hear! Today a landlord’s sweet gift to his tenant made headlines. Tune into extra news from 7:30am every week day.

As the usual stream of backpackers looking for work has dried up, Queensland farmers have no one to pick their fruit, despite the appetising pay packets.

Managing Director Gavin Scurr at Piaata Farms revealed that they recently paid one worker $3,800 for one week of work. Yes, that was 6 days of 10-hour shifts but that still works out to an attractive hourly rate.

He added that while it can be a hard job, with the right attitude, there’s fun to be had.

“It’s all about attitude – there are the real guns who just get right into it and make it a competition, with themselves and with the other guns,’’ Mr Scurr said talking to

Farmers across Australia are facing heartbreak as they have had to destroy portions of their crops due to the inability to find farmhands.

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