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Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes the anxiety that comes along for the ride can affect our kids. Graham Irvine from Kingsway Christan College joined Bec on The Mornings Show to talk about anxiety in kids and how we as parents can deal with it.

If you're struggling with anxiety in kids, have a listen to our podcast.

As parents, we need to draw the line when they experience anxiety. First, we need to be calm and reassess the way we operate. Ask yourself, “Am I more anxious than my child?”.  How is the conversation with you and your children? Ask positive questions and record yourself whilst you speak to them. Then listen back to what you have said and analyse how you could have done it better. Don’t criticise but improve where you can. You can always ask your parenting-friends.

Remember, they are all in the same boat as you so you can ask for feedback without feeling judged.

If you’re struggling with anxiety in kids, have a listen to Graham’s wisdom below.

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