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Are you looking for work and don’t mind cold weather? Bec and Jeziel have found the perfect job for you!

Antarctica’s ‘Penguin Post Office’  is hiring! The remote post office is a popular tourist destination on Goudier Island, just off the west side of the Antarctic peninsula.  Each season they receive 18,000 visitors. Not only will you be sorting mail and selling postage stamps, you will also monitor the impact of visitors in an environmental study. Which includes counting the number of penguins on the island.

Staff members share a single bedroom with a toilet that must be emptied daily. There is no running water so you will have to use the showers provided by visiting ships. But they don’t come very often, so staff often go up to 2 weeks without showering. There is also no internet access or cell phone reception. In the the event of an emergency, medical evacuations to a hospital could take up to seven days!

Turns out its not as cute as it sounds. Would you still be interested? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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