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Gareth was going through a hard time. He had ended a four year relationship, lost his job prospects and his dad passed away.98five seen and heard

So wanting a fresh start he moved to Perth and started working in the mines “When I moved to Perth to hear 98five on the Radio…I kind of felt like I had found my people again and I was like there’s community here, there’s people on the same page, there’s actually people in this city that care about the gospel and the message of Jesus so I was just plugged in straight away. I was like this great I cannot believe there is a radio station that was like this, I had never heard of it before in my life, I thought everyone was too scared to do this, I was wrapped!

We’ve Seen and Heard many stories of how God, through 98five, has spoken into people’s lives when they needed it most. To give them hope to carry on when they didn’t feel they could. This June we invite you to partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear! 

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Listen to Gareth’s full story below!

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