Another Story Seen and Heard: An Update from Shane

Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:22 am
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Shane was a drug addict and alcoholic. He didn’t have a stable home and felt like life had nothing to give him.


Shane frequently visited a church to get food vouchers and the pastor would invite him to attend their service. He decided to go and sat in the very back row. Shane wasn’t a Christian and was never involved with God, but that day He spoke to Shane. “It filled my heart with the most beautiful feeling. It was just saying that He was there.” From that day he couldn’t wait to go to church and feel that feeling again.

But when he moved to WA he was worried that he was going to be alone for a while. He turned on the radio and 98five started playing. “I melted into the seat because it was everything that I wanted. You guys are angels speaking through God.” Every morning Shane wakes up and thanks God for saving him.

“Please give because this radio station has been around for 30 plus years and we want them forever. You are opening many hearts with God’s love.”

You’ve heard the stories that we’ve been playing, together we have made such a difference for over 34 years. You may never meet them, you may never even get to hear about the difference you have made in their life, but right now you have the opportunity to share hope with someone right when they need it the most.

You can do this by donating to 98five’s June Appeal as we grow a greater hope in Perth.

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