Another Story Seen and Heard: Not just radio

27 June 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

98five is dedicated to making hope heard on the radio and seen in your social media feeds.

Leah is a nurse and so she does a lot of shift work. Her days start at the crack of dawn and don’t end until late at night. “When I’m racing to work at 6 am listening to 98five is so encouraging and hearing the songs that you love gives you the feel-good vibes you need to start your day.” We can only imagine how busy and stressful Leah’s days as a nurse can be, but fortunately, she knows there’s a place she can turn to when her work, colleagues or patients become overwhelming. “On my bad days, I jump onto your Facebook page and read through the stories and posts. It calms my mind and grounds me again so I can continue on with my chaotic day.”

With the support of our listeners, people like you, over the last 34 years we have grown to become more than just a local community radio station. Not only do we reach more than 250,000 listeners every month on air, but now we also have an actively engaged following of more than 240,000 each month through our website and social media! We are able to reach people wherever they are, whether they’re in their car listening to the radio or scrolling through their Instagram feed before they go to bed, we can make this amazing message of life-changing hope seen and heard.

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Listen to Leah’s story below: