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Ann phoned The Breakfast Show this morning to tell us her hope story:Ann's story of hope

“With all the stuff that happened I ended up losing my job and I was working at the airport. So that was a lot. I’ve got six children to support so we took a bit of a hit with our mortgage. However, right now, I am around 10 minutes away from a medical for a new position that I was just offered. I’m just blown away by God’s grace and His hope in hopeless situations.”

Next week is Radiothon 2020 – And we want to celebrate all the Hope Stories from this year and the ones to come because we believe hope is worth sharing!

Next week we’re going to look at all of the incredible things we’ve accomplished together, despite a global pandemic trying to stop everything good in its tracks! So we’re asking you, The 98five Family, you have a hope story – has something happened to you this year that gave you hope? Or has 98five played a part of your hope story this year? How have we impacted you and how family?

Have a listen to Ann share her story below:

If you’d like to share your story, give us a call anytime on 9313 0800 – we’d LOVE to chat with you. Or feel free to leave us a message below.


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