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By Corey Sutton

Turkish Artist Said Dagdeviren has created animated silhouettes of animals and the man made dangers that destroy their natural habitat. 

Dagdeviren’s latest series is titled Double Exposure, and unsurprisingly, is hard hitting in the message it seeks to get across.

It’s a stark reminder that we are not the only species that occupy the Earth, and that as stewards of all that we have, we need to be responsible to preserve the natural beauty that lives alongside us.

More information:

animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-7animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-11 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-6 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-12

Below is how the environment should look for these animals…

animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-2 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-1 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-9 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-5 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-4 animated-double-exposure-animals-said-dagdeviren-gif-3

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