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An animal rights group  is calling owners to be fined $4,000 for not walking their dog.

As if March 2021, pet owners across the ACT face large fines if their dog is kept inside all day. Four Paws is encouraging other states to introduce a similar law. So Jeziel asked the family to share their thoughts.

As a single mum, Rosie only has time to walk her dogs in the evenings but she does not feel safe. “We’ve had so many local dog attacks. Doing a walk at night is not safe. We tend to play in the backyard and he chases the chickens. On the weekends we take him for a walk. But during the week its nearly impossible.”

Francine thinks this law is unfair. “Most people have a dog because they love dogs. You love it like it’s your own child. Most people will try walk their dog anyway.” She thinks this law doesn’t take into account things like weather that would prevent owners from walking their dog. “There is no way I’m taking my dog out in this heat…What if it’s a stormy day? That is not fair.”

Do you walk your dog everyday? Let us know yours thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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