Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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By: Simone Cathryn

Rating: PG (Mild crude humour and coarse language). Recommended: 3+


To keep the adults entertained this film hilariously uses bleeped out coarse language. Plus a fair amount of potty humour and innuendoes. So, if your kid is switched on to that kind of humour, be ready to have discussions on the appropriateness of what should and shouldn’t be said!

Back when it first came out, The Angry Birds game only lasted on my phone for about 2 weeks. I was more of a Temple Run and Fruit Ninja kinda’ girl. Yet somehow the Angry Birds game has managed to find it’s way to the big screen, again! Captivating people, including myself, even more than the game did.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 builds onto the characters and the world that is created in the first film. But expands to include more female characters, who might I add are some of my favourite, fleshing out more backstory and intricate emotions in the characters you already know like Red and Mighty Eagle.

Featuring a storyline that is about finding the things that bind not divide us and how important teamwork is even with those that aren’t our closest friends.

In this one, the two islands of Piggies and Birds must create a truce. They must band together to save both their islands from a bigger and colder threat. This creates some tension with Red. Red has to work in a team with people who are more skilled than he is in certain areas without losing his confidence and ability to lead.

The Angry Birds Movie 2  is just as equally a teen, young adult and adult film as it is a kids film. Certainly not the funniest animated film out there but it is entertaining with a strong storytelling. It’ll be great for the school holidays when you want to entertain multiple age groups and yourself.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is in cinemas now!

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