Review: Anghiti Indian Restaurant, Innaloo

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 3:12 pm

Inex Palit | 98five blogger

I booked Anghiti Indian Restaurant in Innaloo for hubby’s 32nd birthday celebration, especially since we haven’t been to Anghiti for a long time.

I remembered they served great Indian food many years ago and we hoped they still did.

We also chose this place because Anghiti is listed in the Entertainment Book *grins*.

From outside, Anghiti looked a bit unassuming and small but when you open the door, you’re able to see how spacious the restaurant is.

I sent through my order ahead of time to Dalbir Kandola, the man in charge of the booking. That way the chef can prepare everything as soon all of our family had arrived. We ordered each of everything below but added an extra rice, naan and butter chicken.

25 each — butter chicken, chicken vindaloo, goan fish curry, anghiti chicken
$26 — lamb Madras

Rice & bread
$6.50 — chili nan
$5.50 — garlic nan
$9.50 — saffron rice

Hubby’s parents had never tried Indian food before and they usually stuck to a good steak for special occasions so this was a treat for them.

Our favourite was the butter chicken and we ended up ordering two extra servings of chili nan to dip into the rest of the buttered tomato gravy.

The chili nan was everyone’s favourite and tastier when compared with the garlic nan. I feel like someone should make an Indian fusion nan like cheese and chili. Imagine how yum it can be?!

The lamb Madras was so tender, it was cut in cubes and cooked with cashew nuts that gave the crunchy texture to it.

The Goan fish curry was another favourite as it had a bit of a fresh ginger aroma to it.

Anghiti has a large window to the kitchen so you will be able to see all of the behind-the-scenes action. There won’t be a lot of waitstaff at the restaurant because each table has a bell to call them. We didn’t realise this and were wondering why there were barely any staff on the floor. It wasn’t until my grandma pointed out the black button with the word ‘bell’ in the middle of the table that we pressed the button and the staff promptly appeared.

The quality of the food was really good and all of us came out of the restaurant with really full tummies.

It seemed Anghiti’s quality hadn’t suffered at all since in the years since we’d visited last.

And as were in a group of seven, we were able to use two Entertainment Book vouchers (two vouchers can be used if there are more than four people in your party) which gave us a total of 25 per cent up to $60 instead of just up to $30. So, our total discount that day was $54.

Anghiti really delivers in taste with the food we tried and we were very satisfied. There was also plenty of parking which makes it a great option if you’re planning a big lunch/dinner event.

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