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MasterChef Judge Andy Allen shares his ultimate food fail, what type of judge he is, and his last meal

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This morning on The Breakfast Show, Kirste and Dan had a chat with MasterChef Judge Andy Allen. Andy shared his ultimate food fail, what type of judge he is, his last meal and what we can expect from the brand new season of MasterChef that begins airing tonight.

Kirste asked if there is anything Andy has to try that he doesn’t like “Everyone has tastes and textures they don’t like. Is there anything you don’t want to try?” When Andy was a season four contestant, he had a chance to explore Rome Italy. He decided to cook the traditional Italian dish, offal. Which translates to the inside of a lamb, including the heart lungs and liver. Andy cooked it for the judges and Italian Chef Massimo Bottura.  Unfortunately, Andy overcooked it and the judges also had to eat it cold. “I haven’t come across something as bad as I think that would have been for him. Fingers crossed it stays that way.”

Dan asked Andy what kind of judge he is going to be this season “What kind of judge are you gonna be, tough love or caring.” Andy thinks he is a bit of both, as contestants leave behind their family and career to join MasterChef so he wants to be a mentor and help them improve as much as they can. “Coming from being a contestant, I can relate to what they are going through

Andy said that the main focus of this season is home cooking and we can expect to see dishes from a range of different cultures. “A lot of them have come from backgrounds where they’ve had a Nonna that’s taught them pasta for years or a grandma that’s taught them the most amazing traditional Sri Lankan curry or South-East Asian cuisine. That is what they are good at and that is what we want to see.”

Dan wanted to know what Andy would eat for his last meal on earth. “I love anchovies, so toasted sourdough over a fire, olive oil and the best anchovies out there. Give me that and a glass of wine and I’m a happy man.

The new season of MasterChef begins airing tonight on Channel Ten. Tune in to meet the contestants, and see a range of cuisines.

Have a listen to the conversation below:

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