Andrew shares the best scary plane story ever.

Monday, September 2, 2019 11:47 am
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This morning The Brekky Show honour Max Sylvester, the man who successfully made an emergency landing after his plane instructor slumped over!

Max, in his third ever flight lesson, had to take control of the plane after his instructor suffered a seizure. Air traffic control gave him step by step instructions to bring the Cessna 152 down safely, and he made it. After a little bit of encouragment and “you’ve got this mate” from air traffic, they landed with no injuries and no damage to the plane.

So Kirste, Corey and Morro asked the family for your scary plane stories.

Geraldine from Fremantle was flying from Rio to Cuba, and she was warned that there might be some turbulance. Now turbulance isn’t anything out of the ordinary, no real problems there. Except that the air hostess’ had just served hot tea. All of a sudden the seat belt sign lights up and 3o seconds later the plane “feels like it dropped into a hole!”.  Geraldine swears everything went into slow motion, the tea drifted up out of the cup and hung in mid air. So she picked up the cup and tried to scoop the liquid back in there! She managed to get half of it back in there and half went over her hubby.

Now, for potentially the greatest plane story ever.

Andrew from Kingsley. “I’ve been down the slide.” With that sentence, he totally captured Morro’s attention. “But not in the way you might think” he continued. Back in ’91, Andrew was a young fella in the army. He had the opportunity to work on a counter terrorism exercise with the SASR. Very exciting, very fantastic. They took us out to a naval base and they had a gutted plane on the tar mac.

“I was on the upper deck playing a hostage. The SASR troops came in, stormed the place, flash bangs, firing the whole lot. One of the ‘terrorists’ decided to use me as a human shield. At this point the troops didn’t know if I was a hostage or not, so they treated me as a terrorist. So when they stormed upstairs, they hogged tied me! My hands and feet were zip tied behind my back and then they threw me down the stairs! A few burley SAS guys picked me up and launched me down the slide. Oh, and there was no one down the bottom to catch me so I slid across the tar mac on my face.”



Well, we asked for a scary plane story and we got one. You have to have a listen to this one from Andrew for yourself.

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