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Blogger, writer, pastor, backyard philosopher, it’s Andrew Hamilton! From Quinns Baptist Church, Andrew Hamilton regularly drops into The Breakfast Show to share a thought or story he’s been reflecting on.

“Since I’ve turned 50, I’ve realised that I’m exercising less than I should be and eating more than I should be”, says Hammo. “I’ve got a roll around my gut and I hate it!”

For the last six years, Hammo says he’s been having trouble getting rid of this roll and keeping it off. He’s one of the lucky ones, with his high metabolism he can burn it off in about two weeks; but it always returns!

A few weeks ago Hammo shared about his daily journaling practice. Every day he journals about a few certain topics including a confessional and over the last three weeks, each day his confession has been: I eat too much.

So while he was journaling, he asked God for insight into how to deal with this problem. Hammo confessed that when he was younger he was motivated by vanity, like most of us he wanted to look in the mirror and think “yeah baby, that looks good” but he’s just not concerned with his body image anymore.

And God spoke to him a few days later while he was reading the old testament.

He was reading about how Solomon built the temple (1 Kings 6). It’s a long, detailed story about all the materials and measurements used to build it and Hammo was thinking “this isn’t that interesting”. It’s a long list about how the temple is bronze, and gold and so lavish because if God was going to live in that temple it had to be something pretty special.

“And I felt God was saying to me ‘that being that you live in is a temple’. So I think the motivator isn’t ‘hey I want to look good in my board shorts’ the motivator is ‘hey, this is a temple’.”

So now when Hammo wanders over to the fridge and stares blankly into it, there is a little voice in his head that says “is this going to do the temple any good?” Hammo encourages us that if you’re struggling to lose weight take your eyes of vanity. If you’re a follower of Jesus, check out the old testament and read about how Solomon treated the temple, because you’ve got one of them!

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