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Blogger, writer, pastor, backyard philosopher, it’s Andrew Hamilton! From Quinns Baptist Church, Andrew Hamilton regularly drops into The Breakfast Show to share a thought or story he’s been reflecting on.

Last week Hammo picked up the newspaper and slapped across the front page in big bold letters it read: “WE WANT YOU TO STAY HOME AND BINGE NETFLIX”. When he read this Hammo internally screamed “noooo! No, no, no. If that’s all we do for the next 3 months, we’re going to re-enter a really sad world”.

So that we don’t become binge-watching, lethargic zombies for the next few months, Hammo wanted to share his recent discovery; the power and importance of journaling. Up until recently, his entries have been pretty random, just scribbling down whatever pops into his head. These days he journals every day and since his friend Darren Rowse gave him an outline to structure his journaling, he’s finding the process more effective than ever.

Every day, Hammo makes sure to cover these 5 questions in his journaling:

  1. What was something I took delight in from the previous day?
  2. What is something that I’m grateful for?
  3. Do I have a hunch, something that I’m sensing God is saying to me?
  4. How am I feeling that day?
  5. What is something I need to confess?

Sometimes my journal entries go somewhere, sometimes they don’t.

“If you’re stuck at home, rather than binging Netflix, use this to put some purpose into your day. Reflect on where you’re at, what life is about, who knows what can come out of it.”

Hammo has found that as he writes down his thoughts and feelings, he usually discovers why he is thinking that way or feeling those emotions. So treat yourself to a funky notebook and pen and get journaling.


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